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Debanjana Karmakar

Debanjana Karmakar, form West Midnapur, performed 'Tum hi ho' from the movie 'Aashiqui 2' with her celebrity singing partner Arijit Singh.Judge Shreya Ghoshal remarked that her singing brought tears to her eyes, just like it had at the Auditions.

Name: Debanjana Karmakar

Pet Name: Reema, Gunu, Shona, Gulu, Huntu panch.

Age: 14

City: West midnapur, WB

Family Background: Her father works in a bank while her mother is a housewife. Her father is also a music teacher and teaches children from home.

Likes/ Hobbies: Loves doing makeup, likes to shop for dresses, bags & shoes. Love to spend time with her sister. She paints, sings, watches horror movies & reads horror stories during her free time.

Dislikes: Doesn’t like watching news channel or reading the news paper, doesn’t like people who talks unnecessarily.  She is scared of insects

Personality Traits: She is a sensitive & bubbly Bengali girl. She considers her voice as her USP. She gets irritated and angry very easily, and when scolded she cries. She wants to make people aware of preserving nature & environment. She always re-use her bio-degradable wastes in her kitchen garden.  

Favourite  Colour: white, red & pink

Singing background: Learning classical music from her father, since the age of 4. She is learning from Sri Joyonto Sarkar (Kolkata)since the age of 10.

Favourite  Singer: Shreya Ghoshal, lata ji & Sonu Nigam

Favourite  Judge: Shreya didi

Biggest Dream: Wants to meet Lataji & get some good tips from her. Also get famous as a playback singer

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